• Work less with better results. Have more time for your family and more focus on inspirations

  • Work when and where you want, allowing you to travel the world or work from home

  • Make money from your special talent, giving you the opportunity to quit your 9-5 and be a full-time artist.

Learn an easy 5-steps methodology you can put into action by yourself, even if you are not tech-savvy or have no sales experience.

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this is the perfect fit for you if you are

You want to work from home and have the perfect balance between your family time and your Art, but you feel insecure abandoning a career to start a business by yourself.


You already started an Etsy or other online store and maybe even took the time to understand the possibilities you can have online, but the truth is you have no idea what the steps even are to have a profitable online business. 

You realize it is harder to make money online than you originally thought and you are endlessly creating content… well aware that it is really not going anywhere and it is starting to feel like a waste of time.

You have a deep passion since ever, but you don't know exactly how to apply it on your life right now.

You are a hard worker, you had studied a lot your skills and you feel amazing when you are performing. But you are still waiting for that perfect opportunity that never happens.

You are anxious and stressed because you are not having any success with your artistic side hustle ideas, and you are starting to think that maybe you should just give up on your dreams.

You are always waiting to find the perfect agent, publisher, label or manager who has the right connections and can project your career faster, so you can finally achieve the spot you ever dreamed of.

You don't understand social media, and hate the algorithms. You believe that just who does a very specific work can be sucessful in your industry, and those are sell outs.

You feel you don't understand the industry anymore, and a lot changed since you started. So maybe there is no space for you anymore.


you need this transforming training just if you want:

You know you have something in you that is capable to start an artistic business and work on it full-time.


But you feel that you just need a better idea of what to do and how to start.


You have watched all the videos, read all the books, listened to all the podcasts, and attended all free trainings, yet still don't know what the a-z looks like to getting results you want.


You see other people have found success. You use social media anyways, and already have an online store or an online portfolio. But yet you still can't figure it out.


Understanding the FIVE steps of a successful Art Business that you need to pay attention to go from "thinking" about clients to signing them on FAST (even if you have no sales experience).

Learning the MOST COMMON misconception that prevents artists from all around the world from creating a SOLID business that attracts clients on AUTO-PILOT. 

Avoiding client attraction MISTAKES that cripple your Art Business. You’ll learn how to find and work with PERFECT CLIENTS even if you’re a brand-new artist. 

Speeding up your positioning and confidence as a respectful artist YOU ARE to grow a loyal  AUDIENCE like no other

You will do all this by tapping into your inner power, finding your own style building a kick-ass brand and strategy

attending this training will give you superpowers like:


hi, I'm Suirá!

I was born in an artistic family, my dad was a painter, sculptor and architect, so I helped him to sell his art since I rememberSo, I developed a career in entrepreneurship artistic marketing. Before I hit the age of 23 I started my first independent business.

Today, after 20 years of experience selling art as an agent, producer and manager, I work with a variety of artists on their creative branding strategies and business structures


I dedicate myself to supporting new and emerging artists from all around the world to build their own independent businesses. So, they can make a living from their talent, selling their music and artwork, generating revenue that allows them to be full-time artists.

I specialize in the creative industry working with creators in Music, Illustration, Painting, Mixed Media, Sculpture and Drawing., like you!

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If you're wondering if this plan is for you...
go ahead and check the testimonials, they reflect the experience of
two out of many students I had, who experienced this life-changing program.

"Starting Suira's Artistic coaching program it's been one of the best decisions in my life. It turned out to be quite a wonderful journey. I wonder it has been very enlightening in terms of my own personal characteristics and potential. It's been a great way to reflect and strategize how best I come about my artistic career. "


Ai, mixed media visual artist, Nigeria

"I did the coaching program with Suira and I can only recommend it to you because it is really comprehensive and it allowed me to understand myself in depth and to get foundations to my business.

Suira is really sensitive to coaching artists. She is really motivating, human and pragmatic at the same time. "


Marika, painter, France

Are you ready to transform your life, finding recognition and freedom?